Condo management software that reduces stress.
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Developers of CondoKeeper


CondoKeeper was designed with one specific purpose - to enable you, the association manager, to oversee information the way it's done in medium to large corporations. An intelligently designed web-based software system should not just look back at what happened in the past or forward to what's going to happen - it should help you see for yourself what needs to happen today! The information you need must be right at your fingertips and that's what CondoKeeper does.

CondoKeeper was designed and produced by Intelligent Data Systems Development, Inc., a company whose founding principle is expressed in its slogan, It's about time! Software needs to be easy to learn and should take advantage of emerging technologies like the Internet for its use. With the growing affordability of high-speed Internet providers, more software can be Internet-based. Time wasted installing programs or downloading updates, paying extra to license additional computers, and purchasing other programs so you can "work from home" on a product that is "on the computer at the office" are all issues of the past...or at least they should be!

The technology to utilize the Internet is here but too many companies are stuck in past. With CondoKeeper you'll pay a small set-up fee and a monthly "subscription" fee - just like cable or phone service. You can be up and running in no time. To put our money where our mouth is, if you ever feel it's not worth the fee, you simply cancel. NO long term contracts to make you feel boxed in. If it's not saving you time and reducing your stress, it's not worth paying for.

Sign up for a FREE DEMO and see for yourself if CondoKeeper does what we claim. Isn't your time worth it?

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