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10/16/2018 8:58:09 AM 464 103 Sprinkler head behind 464/103 needs to be adjusted/fixed as it is spraying water into my patio (and soaking much of it). Thank you. The irrigation person will be out today I will give him this work order. Working
10/15/2018 8:38:59 AM Large Pool Clubhouse The large pool was heated and comfortable on Friday but seemed to be off on Saturday and Sunday ..many residents were mentioning this and we also experienced this ... please check..
10/8/2018 11:53:53 AM 460 103 Stacked paver blocks around A/C units between 460-102 and 460-103 have fallen over several times. The stacks need to be leveled. May require additional dirt and relocation of rocks behind the pavers. WILL HAVE MAINTENANCE CHECK OUT THE AREA. Working
10/3/2018 7:30:43 AM 452 Parking lot sprinkler At 5:20 AM, the sprinkler directly in front of a trailer parked in the first spot on the right adjacent to the driveway entrance was gushing and producing a fountain 3-4' high wasting a large amount of costly water. If CSA fees are rising to cover the cost of treated water, sprinkler problems such as this one require priority correction. Irrigation will be here today and will check it out. Working
10/2/2018 1:51:56 PM 402 101 Please address the large dead area of grass in the front of bldg. 402 and the dead palm in the front of unit 105. Thank you
We will check it out
10/2/2018 9:56:57 AM 443 201 The outside pole light at the South end of the building has been down for awhile. The base is bad and we have been advised it cannot be repaired. We would like to get this repaired for safety reasons. This is an association issue, the CSA does not have any thing to do with those poles. Working
9/17/2018 8:37:32 AM 442 201 Oak tree limbs in parking lot need to be trimmed. Branches are touching cars. WILL HAVE LANDCAPERS CHECK OUT Working
9/14/2018 4:49:48 PM 438 201 We have several active wasp nest on our front porch ceilings. Also, we have a broken off light globe at the top of our entry steps. Thank you.
9/3/2018 5:03:47 PM Grass/Shrubs 460 There is an area along Harbour Drive, where the cut-through to access the pool is, that is washed out and has no grass. We've been wondering why it was like this until we saw today what is causing it. Cars (in this case a truck) mistakenly turn onto Harbour Drive and then make a u-turn to get back to 44. They are not making the turn and are running over the grass, or at least where there used to be grass. How about if we put up some type of deterrent there so people will pay better attention to not running off the road? This could be as simple as few large rocks. THANK YOU WE HAVE CHECKED OUT THAT PORTION OF HARBOUR IN THE PAST AND A FEW LARGER ROCKS MAYBE THE BEST IDEA. Working
8/17/2018 8:24:22 PM 426 403 The bench on the fishing pier on the north end has the seat damaged and it has splinters that can injure a person. The board needs to be replaced. WILL HAVE MAINTENANCE CHECK OUT Working
7/8/2018 2:38:14 PM 426 303 Overdue for power washing. Sidewalks and car ports. Black!! Walk this into our unit. WILLL HAVE MAINTENANCE ADD TO LIST FOR CLEANING Working
6/23/2018 9:25:14 AM Grass/Shrubs 118 At the front of Bldg. 405, there is mulch in the left flower bed. Mulch also is needed in the right flower bed and at the right corner of the building, and along the right side of the building. Thank You! WILL HAVE LANSCAPERS CHECK OUT Working
6/3/2018 11:19:08 AM 406 206 Would it be possible for the landscape company to add landscape rocks to the flower/plant beds in front of building 406. Thank you. WE BE OUT TO BE TO REVIEW Working